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Hagen Von Tulien

Spider Sorcery edition. 40 x 40 x 2 cm, print on canvas, mounted on stretcher-frame. Limited to 88 hand-numbered copies.

From an illustration featured in the revised edition of David Beth’s Voudon Gnosis. Also included with the print is an original talismanic papercut comprising the four major powers of Le Temple des Houdeaux, as well as a talisman of Famille Zariguin. Each print, papercut and talisman is signed and hand-numbered by the artist. One copy per customer. £99.00


Daniel A. Schulke

13" x 18" Letterpress in black and red ink on acid-free cotton paper. Ltd ed. 210 signed/numbered copies.

The Theriomorph, or bestial human, is a magical construct of ancient origin, and is a frequent iconographic feature of European witchcraft. On its surface, we may understand its magical meaning to encompass the magical assumption of the spirit-attributes of the animal guardian. In the context of the Sabbatic Craft Tradition, the theriormorph bears the teaching that the Present Flesh is the sum entity of Aggregate Transcarnation. This may include the impress of animal genii, but also the powers proceeding from the Ancestral Throne of the Dead. This underscores the nature of the Body of Flesh as the Somatic Repository of Spirit-Wisdom, a vast Library of Knowledge which the sorcerer may access via Art. Magical assumption of these forms generates a field of consciousness often described as 'Other' and marked by transmogrifications of the senses into previously unknown vectors of gnosis. Limit one print per customer. £65.00

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